Wine Cellar

The pride of the restaurant is definitely the wine list, which is the result of a long research carried out with the intent to let our guest know rare bottle produced by emerging Tuscan wineries

The proposal ranges from a selection of all the main DOC e DOCG of Tuscany; the tasting of these wines is enhances in our tasting menu where food and wines are paired carefully.

Wine Games

The world of Tuscan wines is as vast as it is fascinating, for this reason we designed an event intended to make our guests explore the world of Tuscan wines. During the "Wine Game" tasting you will be guided by passion and professionalism in a journey through our incredible region.

The goal of this unique evening will be to explain our guests how to distinguish the different flavors through a glass, learning to recognize the notes that characterize the most important Tuscan wine areas.

As part of the evening, a points-based competition will start, and we will serve seven different wines, served in hooded bottles, our guests will then have to taste and guess the name of the wines.

Those who succeed in guessing the largest number of bottles will win the competition and get a prize.

To participate in this tasting you can book for one of the regular events dedicated, or book privately if you are looking for a more exclusive experience for a group of friends.

La selezione dei vini

Via del Viliani, 756
50036, Vaglia – Firenze

Friday – Sunday
19:30 – 23:00
Saturday – Sunday
12:30 – 15:00

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